We provide software engineers to companies that want to innovate.

Talenin is a better way for companies to start or grow their software development teams.

What we Offer

  • We hire a remote development team to work for you from our office in Cairo and send you a single monthly invoice.
  • You do not need to be troubled with taxes, insurance, or bookkeeping. We handle everything for you and only send you one uncomplicated invoice.

Proven Experienced

We carefully select well-qualified candidates for your needs

Plenty of Qualified ITs

Cairo's 27 universities and 130 other academic institutions graduate 50,000 IT annually.

Pay Less

In Egypt, wages are low because unemployment is high, the population is growing quickly.

Simple invoicing

Do not worry about taxes, insurance, and accounting. We send you one simple monthly invoice.


We can find the right person for you regardless of whether the technology is desktop, mobile, or web


Since all of our developers speak English well, communication is always easy..


There is a trial period for all candidates; you only pay when you are satisfied with your developer.


All developers are thoroughly tested with both internal and external tools.

What we do

We were unhappy with the absence of options for hiring and managing remote employees, so we proposed a simple solution: an international supply line of skilled, intelligent software engineers that businesses can add to their IT teams quickly and efficiently.

  • Give us a full job description.
  • We search the local market and start the hiring process.
  • We test the candidates’ programming skills and interview them.
  • We give you 2 or 3 candidates to interview.
  • You choose the candidate you want, and we take care of all the paperwork.
  • You start to work with your programmer.

All of our developers are hired through a set process. We don’t hire them if they don’t meet our requirements.

When you hire your developers, they only do work for you. In simple terms, you work with your developers directly.

We exist to give companies the software engineers they need to bring new ideas to the world. Let's bring your creative ideas to life together!