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Everything you need to know to join Us.

We will give you a list of candidates to look over. Coding skills have already been checked for each candidate. Then, we’ll set up a Skype call with the developers you want to talk to. Once you’ve decided on a candidate, we’ll give the developer a contract, and they’ll be ready to start working.​
We hire the developers, take care of taxes and other rules, train them, and give them other kinds of help. You just pay us a fee every month. You don’t have to pay anything else, and you have no legal responsibilities.​
It’s a good idea to look at salaries every year or so. We’ll also tell you if we think the developer deserves a raise. This can be because of the market price or because the developer is really good. Please keep in mind that the developer gets all of the extra money. The Margin is how we make money, and it was set from the beginning. So, we’ll be working for you and in your best interests.​
If you need to stop using your developer’s services, we ask for a full calendar month’s notice before the contract ends. During the first month of service, you won’t be able to do this.​
No, the developer works only for you and gives you all of their time.​

Nothing – it’s completely free.​